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When it comes to managing wealth, we all share a desire to maximize returns and minimize risks. But we recognize and value our clients’ differences.

Each of our clients has their own specific financial goals and values, and varying time horizons and levels of risk tolerance. We maintain a select client list so that we can take the time to understand and communicate with you, building a productive long-term relationship that will work towards meeting your unique set of needs.

The bottom line is this: If you’re our client, we’re fully invested in your success -- and committed to providing you with the same sound advice we’d give to a member of our own family.


“There is no certainty in the market, but the right strategy will guide you through the ups and downs.” –Robert Balice, Bridgewater Asset Management co-founder

We look at your goals and every part of your financial picture -- income, investments, insurance, taxes, and more. Then we formulate a comprehensive plan that sets the overall direction for your own particular path to financial independence.


We take a proactive and systematic approach to executing your financial strategy – keeping you on the right path to your long-term financial goals. Bridgewater Asset Management advisors are backed by sophisticated systems that track performance, asset allocation and portfolio overlap, and empower us to respond with experience and flexibility.

This dynamic process works because we partner with you:

  • We bring visibility to the process. As our client, you have access to easy-to-use web-based tools that help you track your investment accounts and participate in financial planning. Learn more >
  • We stay in touch. If you call us, our goal is to get back to you the same day. If your circumstances change, we can make adjustments to keep you on track for the long-term.


Bridgewater Asset Management is an independent advisory firm, supported by a relationship with LPL Financial. That’s important to you because, in today's world, a third-party custodian is vital to ensure proper security of your money. LPL Financial provides custodial service for all of our client funds, and provides reporting for all of our client accounts. They have no proprietary products, which means that we are able to provide objective advice and investment recommendations. LPL Financial is not involved in any other financial or banking operations which could in any way jeopardize their core business.

LPL Financial delivers many valuable support services, allowing us to focus on what we do best: taking care of the financial needs of you and your family. Their robust mix of services and tools include:

  • Comprehensive clearing and compliance services
  • Enabling technology
  • Independent research
  • Practice management programs and training

Learn more >